So much stitchin'!

I've got a boatload of photos to show you! These are from my camera instead of my tablet, which I use to post a lot to Instagram. I whipped up a lot of quilt tops this summer, mostly improv. More I guess for playing on my long arm than anything, practicing piecing and squaring up. A few filler blocks for #ThatDAMQuiltAlong for good measure.

Besides stitching on the domestic and long arm, I've been digitizing quilting motifs to use on my Gammill (hey I'm a #GammillGirl). These are free or I've bought them but didn't have a file to use, so I clicked dot-to-dot on a pixel scale, sometimes zooming in 900%! I wanted to see how they stitched out before I use them on anyone else's quilt or ask another quilter to test them. So let's have a look..

A kayak laying in our yard and the adorbs bunnies that harass Yankee. Yankee is 12 years old now and doesn't jump our stockade fence anymore. He can't catch the rabbits anymore either.

Wandering Foot block from #ThatDAMQuiltAlong. Had to get pointers from Sandy to sew it but I did it!! #ILOVEMARIEDIFALCO
This crazy thing is for #DAMQG charity quilts for Beaumont Hospital Pediatrics Acute Care Unit.

A shy Michigan Brown Snake in the center of this shot. (I have a primal scream when a snake sneaks up on me.)  The chickens alerted me to his whereabouts.

Fabric from the GLHQ freebie table. It's going back there as a charity quilt top.

I love my 4" charm squares.

Another charity quilt top using 4" charm squares. 

A huge filler block for #ThatDAMQuiltAlong using 'Pixelated Heart Pattern'.

Eight inch filler block for #ThatDAMQuiltAlong.

Another 8 inch filler block for #ThatDAMQuiltAlong.

My lavender blocks were wonky, so I experimented with motifs. (See below.)
This is a fill inside a motif. I have a lot of strings to trim but at least it worked!

Here's a background fill. Something new to me.

It's a several step process but I choose the combinations.

Celtic Knot just to see how it stitched. Parallel lines are popular right now.

A little wider shot.

Turned out very pretty.

I inserted a motif in the center after stitching the feathers.

The designs on the prints don't really show.

Never used this before, a leaf stipple I'd say.

I digitized 'Soft and Sweet' then loaded it to see the stitchout.

Another motif I digitized for myself.

This is fantastic; from the Statler Siblings site! One of the designers donated it!

I digitized both designs. I bought a disk from Anne Bright thinking it was a computer file.

I digitized this free pattern from Quiltmaker Magazine.


Our boy, Orange #caturday

Two years ago, I corraled the daughters into the backseat on a re-con mission. We drove 1 1/2 hours west to adopt a cat. I saw him on the internet and fell in love. Once I felt that bony reality swathed in fluffy lion-like good looks, I knew I wasn't going home without him.

He came from a hoarding situation of 80+ cats; he deals with a serious heart murmur, intestinal and kidney problems. But he loves everyone, uses the potty faithfully and is continually entertaining.

Orange got his name by default, I wanted to name him Gibby (from the TV series iCarly). The girls strongly vetoed the choice and we failed to come up with anything clever.

He's entertaining because he tries to fit in my slipper, a brand new purse (gift), a pop bottle tray, a box smaller than a shoebox.

A plastic bag, really comfortable...

Orange chillin' where you'd expect.
Orange is really playful as well and bats Josie & Yankee's legs as they pass by. He loves his catnip mousies, mylar teasers and the laser toy. I am glad he adopted us. I gladly honor him on #Caturday.